So, now that Brucie has closed, you might be asking yourself, "self, what am I to do with myself now?"  


Fear not loyal Brucie enthusiasts and people that arrived here looking for a Bruce Willis nude picture website , alike!

We may be gone from 234 Court Street, but we are far from done giving you what you need!


So here is the plan..........

Brucie's key players, Chef/Owner Zahra Tangorra, Chef de Cuisine Jennie Lupo, and General Manager Nicole Bailey,  have banded together to form "High Five Girl".  High Five GIrl, or HFG as it's fanboys have come to call it, aims to become a go to lifestyle brand.  The first project will be a lifestyle blog.  Stay tuned!


Next steps include working on a television show and writing a book. 


Additionally, HFG will be doing restaurant consulting.  We offer services such as menu development , beverage program creation, staff training for both FOH and BOH, design, hiring, PR and much more.  What we were able to build at Brucie was great, and we look forward to helping others grow their brands and restaurants as well.  Please inquire for more information. 


While we won't be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, we will be available for private catering, cool events and pop ups galore!  Get at us with any ideas, we would love to do something fun with y'all! 


The official HFG website is in the works, but for now, stay tuned here for updates. 


email us @

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